Because parenting is hard.

Working with youth for nearly 30 years, the impact that fellowship and formation has on young people is mind-blowing.

But it doesn’t have to be limited to young people.

Parenthood on its own is a ministry—an important one, at that. We’ve been tasked with raising children that would one day take our place in society (no pressure).

After decades of youth ministry, I feel called to establish a ministry that caters to parenthood.

And it truly is a story.

Gail and I started dating in high school and it was then that she introduced me to Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church.

Knowing that I’ve encountered something—or someone—life-changing, I committed to the Catholic faith in 1993.

I live in beautiful Vancouver, BC with my lovely wife Gail and three awesome children—one in high school and two in university.

But my story isn’t perfect—it’s just full of grace.

And who am I to talk to parents about parenting?

Since then, I’ve been helping people encounter the same Jesus I met.

I’ve been working with youth for the past three decades and have been serving the youth of the Archdiocese of Vancouver since 2002. 

Growing as a parent of three adolescent children, I’ve noticed the same hunger—the hunger to encounter Christ—among parents.

Baptism - Easter 1993.
With my mom, dad, and brother.

I’ve learned that rooting myself in who I am and Whose I am fills me with the grace to be a loving father and husband.

And in the end when the big guy calls me upstairs and asks me how I loved the four people He entrusted to me, I hope to say that I loved well.

Not perfect, but well.

As a parent, I want to share with other parents that we’re still “good parents” even as we imperfectly raise our children.

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